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IndoBuildTech is one of the biggest events collaborating with government, associations, and architects. It provides a perfect solution for industry members to connect, collaborate, and source for architectural and building materials, solutions, and technologies. Our Host Partner consists of the professional architects with great credibility

In this year IndoBuildTech Expo 2021, the selected Host partners will show their projects on IndoBuildTech Concept Exhibition (IN.CEP.TION). In this program, you could see the best works from renowned architects and interior designers in the form of mockups and panels.

If you’re in need of an Architect for your next project, make sure to visit IndoBuildTech Expo 2021 on 17 – 21 November 2021, and find your dream architect there!

Our Selected IN.CEP.TION Architecture Studios

Vindo Architecture & Interior

Vindo Design is a Jakarta based architecture and interior design studio establish from 2007. Founded by our Principal Designer Eduardus Tri Aryo W

We specializes in interior and architecture design, as well as a contractor. Based on our slogan “THINK.DREAM.CREATE”, we think what design concept that suited your request, dream the design concept and create the design into reality.

Vindo Design’s proven expertise in working to set the budgets and time frames has given rise to a leading reputation within their field.

Seniman Ruang

We are professional architects & interior designers with aim to combine architecture and art as one spatial design unity through balancing functional and emotional experience that communicate one story.

Focusing on design quality instead of project quantity, we offer design service from concept, technical drawing, and site supervision.

Our design process departs from a thorough research through functionality, users, context, and material exploration.

MAT Architect

Berdiri sejak tahun 2006 oleh 2 pendirinya yaitu Tony & Juily ( TJ ). Nama MAT awalnya dari singkatan “Medan Architect Team” dengan tujuan dan harapan walau karya MAT dan brand MAT telah ada di seluruh dunia nantinya, kita tidak akan lupa untuk memberikan kontribusi pada pembangunan kota Medan sebagai kota kelahiran TJ.

Dalam bahasa inggris MAT juga dikenal sebagai singkatan dari ” Master of Arts in Teaching”. Harapan kedepan MAT bukan hanya berkembang menjadi ” Design Brand” tapi juga menjadi ” Education Brand” yang akan melahirkan desainer-desainer yang bisa membawa perubahan.

Emporio Architect

Emporio Architect adalah perusahaan Konsultan Jasa Arsitek yang berpengalaman lebih dari 15 tahun dalam mendesain rumah dan bangunan mewah di Indonesia, bahkan di Luar Negeri.

Sampai tahun 2021, Emporio Architect telah menghasilkan lebih dari 1200 hasil karya desain rumah dan desain bangunan lainnya. Dengan nilai seni yang tinggi dan didukung dengan teknologi terkini, Emporio Architect berhasil menciptakan karya-karya yang semakin berkualitas.

KAD Firma Arsitektur

KAD Firma Arsitektur is a Digital Architecture Consultant in Bandung, West Java – Indonesia. KAD is determined to be one of many solution for a human needs in the field of activity space that increasing the happiness based on the innovation and creativity

ADV Studio

Biro Arsitek dan Desainer Interior yang berdiri pada tahun 2009, didirikan bersama Alfriady Ivan Sahadula, IAI dan Aldy Sahadula, IAI sangat fokus pada jasa perencanaan Arsitektur seperti bangunan, lanskap, dan desain interior.

Alima Studio

Based from the same vision to create a better living environment, Alima Studio was formed on June 2014, with 4 Architects as her founding father. Growing steadily with a passion in our hearts towards perfection, we provide answers to what our clients asked from us. To create an affordable and highly functioning architecture, for business, investation, and living.

We see architecture as how we architects, solve a problem beautifully. We believe that our client’s satisfaction is our number one priority, thus we utilize the latest technologies to further improve our designs.

Anom Works

Anom means young in javanese or sundanese word.

We aim not to limit architectural ideas to building but extend it to diverse design areas, we also seeking for sustainable enjoyments in design works. Our work base in South Tangerang, and Surabaya.

Arcadia Architect

ARCADIA or “PT. Arga Calista Disain” was founded in 1990 by some young designers who are highly commited to ‘design’, not as a separate subject, but as a multidisclinary approach. Until now, ARCADIA move forward with a spirit to explore the fascinating, challenging world of design.

Atelier Yoda

Is an Architect and Interior design studio whom focused to Hospitality Design, Residential and Commercial Space, established since 2017, located in Bintaro Jakarta Selatan

Attaya Architect

Established in 2012, ATTAYA Architects is an architectural design firm based in Bandung.

Attaya Architects is an architecture firm that believes in utilizing technology to enhance our creativities. By utilizing the latest computational design tools and BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, we provide innovative and efficient design solutions to your residential, commercial and public properties.

CO Associates

CO Associates (COA) is an architecture & interior design consultant that founded in 2015.

Experienced in various projects from residential to commercial project such as restaurant, cafe, and coffee shop. Balancing and harmonizing design and nature is an approach that COA strive for to bring out the quality of space

e.Re Studio

e.Re studio was formed in 2011 by Erwin Kusuma and Regina Winarni, with years of experience in Singapore, today e.Re have evolved into a design studio based in Bandung.

Some Architectural and Interior projects spread all around Indonesia as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, Lombok, and Makassar. e.Re studio committed to provide personalized services of high quality design that responds to the environment and aspirations of the clients.

Escala Studio

Escala Studio (Estetika Cipta Laras) is a multi-disciplinary design practice, established in 2012.

Escala Studio has passion in wide range projects from interior design, architecture design to master plan design.

Escala’s team consists of young professionals with creative mind to look for and create solutions for interior, architecture and master plan design problem.

FDesign Architect

FDesign Architect hadir memberikan Solusi yang Profesional di bidang Design Arsitektural demi mewujudkan Rumah Impian bagi setiap orang.

Dengan Pengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun kami telah memberikan kepuasan dari berbagai macam klien di bidang Arsitektur dan Properti di berbagai wilayah Indonesia, Dan kami siap memberikan yang Terbaik untuk mewujudkan Rumah Impian Anda.

HYJA (HerryJ Architect)

HYJA stands for HerryJ Architects. Established in 2008, it is known for its work in custom private residential projects and many Interior design projects.

HYJA design philosopy is contemporary, simple, functional and detail execution. HYJA believes a good design enhances Clients investment. Every detail design counts to make an iconic, different, signature to adding value to Clients property.

JXA Studio

We are designer who thinks art inside form,function,and ergonomics.

JXASTUDIO telah berdedikasi dalam dunia arsitektur dan interior sejak 2011 dan kami secara konsisten membangun mimpi dari ide-ide dan konseptual menuju realisasi ruang.

KM0 Studio

Km0Studio is rooted from unique characteristic of Indonesian heritage city development. Founded in late 2016, it has a main office in Jakarta.

The practice provides full service of design, whether it’s architecture & interior design. We believe that intensive dialogue is a solid foundation to support this approach. By continuously creating mutual working environment between clients, consultants & builders create an excellent design process, budget and architectural quality.

K Thengono Design Studio

K-Thengono Design Studio is an integrated interior-architectural practice that choreographs a harmony of visual and spatial experiences. Orchestrated into a sequence of spaces defining the interaction between the inhabitants, the habitat and the building itself.

Studio is led by Kelvin Thengono, who approaches architecture as a response through contextualization, shaping spatial experiences within the interior space. His concern for the climatic condition invests his work with creative thinking through playful use of natural light and ventilation. The work is influenced by the modern movement, mainly accompanied by the connection with the Indonesian Traditional Architecture

LIT Design + Associates

Lit design + associate merupakan biro konsultan yang berdiri pada pertengahan tahun 2017 yang fokus pada jasa perencanaan Arsitektur, Interior, dan Masterplan.

Pendiri Lit design adalah Enriko yang telah berpengalaman selama 15 tahun mengerjakan berbagai proyek berskala kecil dan besar baik lokal maupun internasional, LIT memfokuskan diri pada penciptaan arsitektur yang memiliki value baik secara sosiologis, ekologikal, dan kultural.

LMA Design

LMA is a design firm with experience in working with the world’s most reputable hotel and spa brands. Previously a subsidiary firm to awlake design concepts, pte., ltd. a world renowned spa design and consultant company. We have collaborated with international consultants and experts in devising creative ideas, programs, and develop the concept. As our parent company shifted its based of operation, we are proudly announcing our indonesia-based brand.


Modula merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang arsitektur dan interior yang didirikan sejak tahun 2013. Dengan dukungan dan kerja sama tim yang terlatih di bidangnya, Modula selalu mengedepankan kualitas dan pelayanan yang terbaik.

Modula akan selalu berusaha memberikan yang terbaik dalam menciptakan keseimbangan estetika dan kebutuhan, demi terwujudnya kepuasan klien melalui desain-desain kami.

MOI Architect

MOI architects is a collaborative platform working architecture from mm scale (Interior) to km scale (master planning). Under young architect Bayu Rismabuana, Who had experienced working at reputable office in Jakarta and Singapore.

Moi believe that architecture should be able to benefitting “everyone”, The Client, generous end users and also enriching the precintc and also still relevant to the environment by being sustainable.

SUTA Studio

SUTAstudio is Architecture consultant established in 2018. We growth with dream, innovation, and researching to produce the best design for client. we have identity’s like a minimalism, contemporary, unique, unfinished.

We focuses on maximizing and delivering the best in design, function, and harmonization among all two and also create revolutionary pieces for the creative industry especially architecture,interior, and urban design. We always look for the new idea to deliver fresh non-monotonous. We have strong idealistic foundation with the basic of design philosophy.

VIRR Studio

VIRR studio is an architecture, interior design, and furniture workshop based in Jakarta and Tangerang, Indonesia. We have 5+ years of experience with Interior Design and Build Project, and 15+ years of craftsmen experience at our workshop and building sites. Our portfolio ranges from small to medium scale projects such as retails, commercials, residential, and offices. We aim to create a meaningful, unique, and affordable space for everyone.

ADEFA Studio

ADEFA Studio is an architectural and interior design studio based in Surakarta. Founded by an architect named Agung D. Fitrianto. He has more than 4 years experience in handling architectural and interior projects. Self-handled projects include residential buildings, institutions, and commercial buildings

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