Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) IndoBuildTech Digital Fair 2020
During the preparations of the events, we got various questions regarding the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair. Here, we are going to explain the answer of the most frequently asked questions!
Registration Related Questions:

1.  Do visitors need to do registration before visiting the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair?
Yes. Every visitor needs to register before visiting IndoBuildTech Digital Fair through http://www.indobuildtech.com/For-Visitors/Get-your-Access. During the showdays, the visitors who already registered only need to input the registered email and phone number on the home page of IndoBuildTech Digital Fair.

2.  If visitors already registered before April, do visitors need to re-register?
No need to re-register, the visitors who already register before April can visit IndoBuildTech Digital Fair with the registered email and phone number.

3.  Is there any fee in visiting the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair?
IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is free to be accessed for every visitor. So don't forget to register now through our website http://www.indobuildtech.com/For-Visitors/Get-your-Access !

4.  Is it possible to use more than one email address for one phone number to register?
Visitors are not allowed to use more than one email address with one phone number for registration. Only allowed to use one email address and one phone number.

5.  Is it possible to do Multi Entry with the same account?
All visitors can visit Indobuildtech Digital Fair every day during the showdays using the same registered email address and phone number.

Exploration Related Questions:

1.  Is IndoBuildTech Digital Fair phone-friendly?
Yes. IndoBuildTech Digital Fair as an easily accessed virtual exhibition, can be accessed through all smart devices, such as Laptop, Tablets, Smartphones, and PC. Here is the specification of the gadgets to optimize your exploration in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair.

2.  Is IndoBuildTech Digital Fair can be accessed 24/7?
Indobuildtech Digital Fair 2020 can be accessed 24 hours during the exhibition date, starting from 30 September to 11 October 2020 with the operational hours from 10 AM - 5 PM. Outside of the operational hours, the communication between the visitors and the brand’s  representatives will be dependable based on the brand’s availability. Moreover, when visitors want to join the seminar or talk show, be sure to log in only during exhibition operational hours.
3.  How to Explore the Specific Brands in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair?
Visitors can search for the desired brands from our “Browse by Category” menu, moreover, visitors able to download the full product catalog from the desired brand with our "brochure" feature while inside the exhibition virtual booth. Visitors can see more detailed features in our IndoBuildTech Digital Fair video HERE


4.  What features can be used to find out more details of a product?
In Indobuildtech Digital Fair, visitors can choose live chat features, where visitors can be directly connected with the representatives of any brand visited virtually. If a visitor wants to ask directly about the product, or consultation about the needs,  and are not able to discuss via chat, visitors can select video & voice call features directly, where visitors can talk with the representatives from any brand.
5.  Do visitors need to do another registration to join Business Programmes or Networking Room?
Visitors don’t need to do another registration before joining Business Programmes or Networking Room, but please make sure the programmes that visitors want to visit are open to the public and don’t need an invitation.
6.  Where visitors can see the full schedule of the Business Programme?
Visitor can see the full schedule of Business Programme in   http://www.indobuildtech.com/Business-Programme/Programme-Time-Table
7.  Do visitors who join the Business Programme or Networking Room will get a certificate?
The awarding of a certificate will depend on the party who has the program.
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