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10 April 2020

6 COVID-19 Emergency Hospitals in the World

A few months ago the Government of Wuhan, China built an emergency hospital to accommodate the growing number of Coronavirus patients. The emergency hospital was finished in less than 10 days and was carried out by a team of 7,000 construction workers. Starting with the city of Wuhan in China, and then followed by countries affected by similar cases. Rapid construction and renovation began to take place to load the increasing number of patients infected with the Coronavirus.

Many countries are adapting pre-existing structures such as sports fields, shopping centers, schools, and converting it into temporary medical centers. It is necessary to note that the main purpose of the temporary hospital’s construction is to help control the Covid-19 outbreak, manage Covid-19 patients more centrally, and eliminate the path of transmission of the virus.


Here are some temporary hospitals around the world specifically built to handle Covid-19 patients:

1. Shoreline Soccer Field, Washington

image source: https://www.the-sun.com/

A soccer field in Seattle suburb is converted into a temporary field hospital for Coronavirus patients and for people who cannot stay in their own homes during the outbreak. The soccer field is now equipped with 200 beds. People living in the neighborhood witnessed the historic transformation of a football field into a field hospital.

2. IFEMA Convention Center, Spain

image source: https://en.as.com/


IFEMA (Institución Ferial de Madrid) is a place located in Madrid, Spain to hold exhibitions and conferences from all cities that are now turned into emergency Coronavirus hospitals. Spacious areas of 200,000 m² are distributed between twelve pavilions, convention center of 10,000 m²  are complete with a meeting area and 600-seat auditorium, restaurant, and 14,000 parking spaces are now equipped with 5,500 beds.

3. Fiera Milano Exhibition Centers, Milan

image source: www.wantedinmilan.com

An exhibition center in Milan which is usually used as a place to welcome the leading international designers was transformed into a temporary hospital in just 10 days and equipped with intensive care facilities for Coronavirus patients. All the required treatment facilities such as beds continue to expand every week in this arena along with the increasing number of Coronavirus patients.

4. Berlin Messe Exhibition Grounds, Germany

image source: berlin.de

Located in the Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf region, Messe Berlin is an exhibition center in the German capital that can accommodate up to 1000 patients. The exhibition center now has been converted into a temporary hospital to handle the number of Coronavirus cases in Germany. This temporary hospital is the latest step taken by health officials in Germany to ease tensions in the country's health system.

5. The Iran Mall, Iran

image source: www.presstv.com

The Iran government has prepared its citizens with a temporary hospital built in the country's biggest shopping center – The Iran Mall. The shopping center which was renovated for six days can provide up to 3000 beds for Coronavirus patients and nurses.

6. Maracana Stadium, Brazil

image source: www.washingtonpost.com

The world-famous soccer stadium that hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final will be a temporary hospital to help fight the Coronavirus in Brazil. This football stadium has a capacity of 78,000 seats being converted into a temporary field hospital with 400 beds to treat patients infected with Coronavirus.