06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


16 March 2018

Building & Environment Management

The problem of waste is still a topic that never runs out. One source of waste is the center of public activities, whether offices, shops, malls, campuses, schools, tourist attractions and more. Waste is divided into two types, namely organic and non organic waste, waste that has been sorted will be much easier to handle. For organic waste will be processed into compost and non-organic waste will be sorted, which are still worth to sell, which both can be recycled and are residual. Each type must stay processed according to its condition.

Jakarta’s Daily Waste

Recycle Process

Process of organic waste to compost

Process of non-organic waste

How to create the Habit
Many efforts can be done to create a healthy environment. Especially about waste management in our environment, due to unfavorable and unhygienic environments may decrease health status. Therefore, environmental improvement is needed where in terms of health can be done in various ways, one of which handling local waste.