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The 19th Exhibition of Building
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Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
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03 January 2020

Commercial Spaces in Digital Revolution

The digital revolution in city transformation has changed the traditional work environment. In a digital city, work is no longer measured by where you are going, but rather the tools and skills you need to complete a task. People are required to complete work anywhere, regardless of the specific location. Today's rapidly changing technology has eliminated the need for an organization or office to have a physical location. Existing offices have gradually provided space for shared workspaces. Many startups, small companies, and entrepreneurs found the flexibility of virtual offices.

Virtual office itself is a term for various work environments that can be accessed with internet technology and computer. Usually, business people use virtual office space for small or startup companies. Virtual office spaces can also work out for big companies. Virtual office is also one ideal choice for those who are interested and have plans of expansion, also need a more professional environment. This specifically targets people who work at home. If people rent virtual office space, they will be able to maintain control on costs whilst still having the flexibility and opportunity to grow their business in the future.

Virtual office space is also known as virtual business centers that provide a professional working conducive atmosphere, prestigious office addresses, and effective office communications. Virtual office spaces provide your business with all things without having to be obliged to set up a physical and actual office space. Instead of physical office space, virtual offices also provide services that handle telephone answering, e-mail or mail handling, and other facilities necessary to run a successful business.

Therefore, people will able to work anytime and anywhere that is not limited to one particular location as long as there is an internet connection, application or collaboration tool needed for work. This means the company will able to reduce overhead costs because the company does not need to rent buildings or spaces for daily work activities. This is a sign of digitalization in conventional working culture. However, not all lines of business can use a virtual office. Some types of businesses still need to have a physical office because they need private office spaces.