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18 October 2016

DKI Jakarta Province saves US$ 68m in energy expenses.

After the implementation of green principles on 260 new buildings on 2013 until May 2016, Jakarta Provincial Government has reported opportunity for savings in energy expenses by USD 68.3 Million. It would save the electricity, water and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of resources saved is equal to the power used by 110,000 common households.

Offices, malls, apartments, hotels, hospitals and education facilities sized at least 1 hectare are subjects for creating eco-friendly building based on their technical designs, as mentioned on the Gubernatorial Regulation No.38/2012 sets by Jakarta Provincial Government with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Swiss and Hungary Government. This regulation will apply to all community in realizing the implementation energy conservation and the utilization of eco-friendly resources.

The green building concept encourages the designers, architects, engineers, builders, developers and even the client of the projects to synergize altogether in developing and designing a building that has to consider efficiency in electricity and water usage by using energy-saving features such as light and elevator sensors, central air conditioning, pedestrian access and waste management systems. Compared to conventional buildings, the green building concept also requires 5 to 10 percent more capital than conventional buildings with equal size.

The City Administration sets low-cost apartment located in Daan Mogot as a pilot project for the implementation of green principles for the next Provincial Government projects. This apartment design has to follow every aspect required in green building concept. Although it is low-cost apartment, it is furnished with excellent facilities and has exquisite design.
The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Mr. Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama says the city aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, electricity and water usage by 30 percent in 2030 or familiarly known as 30:30 project.

The City Administration Office would implement the concept for all of its buildings. They will build seven low-cost apartment towers using the green building standards. He also added that existing buildings will be incorporated on the Master Plan of the Green Building Concept.

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