06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


08 September 2020

Discover New Insights in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair

IndoBuildTech Digital Fair exhibition is a very dynamic marketing activity and also plays an important role in the industrial development process.
With technological developments as well as the increasing demand for infrastructure development, more segments are involved in developing industrial activities. Therefore, in the future, activities in the development movement of an industry will become faster with technological advances that increase effectiveness and efficiency. This is where IndoBuildTech Digital Fair is here to answer future challenges to actively encourage the industry by involving more people from all corners of the world virtually, including as a digital platform that provides new insights of the development of online exhibitions.
IndoBuildTech Digital Fair can allow users to understand, discover, learn and do far more than physical exhibitions. By adopting a carefully researched user-centered design, IndoBuildTech Digital Fair through hyper-linking supports both linear and non-linear discovery and learning pathways, creating learning opportunities that are difficult to replicate in physical exhibitions, which means alternative experiences to the "real thing" and open up other opportunities that include learning, more content beyond physical exhibits, active participation and contribution by visitors through forums and others
The ability to engage in multiple forms of media (text, image, audio, sound, video, augmented reality and virtual reality components) on one page, having the ability to reverse, revisit, translate and read text tailored for different user groups, proficiencies and requirements, immersion in well crafted theme-games virtual exhibition, etc., collectively helps to establish a deeper sense of understanding, awareness, and learning about the products, as well as learning about innovation in digital platforms. Therefore, Virtual Exhibitions are viewed as an important logical companion and extension to physical exhibitions.

From Digital Archives to Virtual Exhibitions,