06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


01 September 2020

See our innovative features in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair!

IndoBuildTech which will be held virtually via www.Virtu-Ex.com Fair is not only showcasing the booth visually, but also providing various features that make the visitors able to do activities on the platform that resemble real exhibitions. Here are the innovative features that we implemented in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair:

Interactive Video & Voice Call

When visitors access the IndoBuildTech Digital Fair and want to communicate with the exhibitors, the Interactive Video and Voice Call features will make the visitors able to ask about any interest related to the products or exhibitor’s company via live video call.

Live Chat

Visitors could communicate with the exhibitors through live chat features while visiting the virtual booth and ask about any interest related to the products.

Company Profile

Any visitors who wanted to know more detailed information about the exhibitor’s company could download the company profile that was attached on the feature’s menu option.

Exhibitor Category

Visitors are able to search the exhibitor’s company name based on product category so the visitors could explore a wider range of exhibitors’ brands. 


Visitors are able to download and obtain various product offers from each exhibitor's company.

360 Booth View

Visitors are able to see the visual of the 3D booth in 360 Booth view feature to find out the detail of the booth from every angle.


Visitors are able to save the product from the visitor's favourite brand, which makes it possible for the exhibitor to collect data about the most desired product. This feature will benefit the exhibitor so they are not losing passive buyers.

Networking Room 

Visitors can carry out online activities such as workshops, product launches, product presentations, sharing sessions where the topic / theme of the activity is determined by the exhibitor itself without being limited by the organizer.

Showroom Tour

Visitors are able to visit the exhibitor showroom virtually and interact live with the exhibitors.

With these innovative and interactive features, visitors activities in IndoBuildTech Digital Fair will bring new insights and experiences which offline exhibitions could not provide. Check out our teaser video to see more details about IndoBuildTech Digital Fair!