06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


13 September 2018

The Perks of Exhibition


  1. Face to face interaction with potential buyers and associations to build trust and developing strong relationships
  2. While there might be upfront expense, with a whole of industry players at once, exhibitors can save time and money 
  3. Record all contact details and stay connected with business partners
TIPS: Show interest in their needs and objectives. This helps them to remain engaged and encourages them to remember you 


  1. Provide opportunities to display and demonstrate the product to visitors
  2. Help visitors to effectively understand the use of product offered through direct interaction
  3. Allows exhibitors to gain the impression of the product and valuable insight directly from the visitors 
TIPS: Interactive product presentation deliver a hands-on experience to visitors so they can feel, recognize and understand the product


  1. Introducing latest advancements so exhibitors can show the excellence of their products compared to others
  2. The opportunity to captivate audience and proves an ideal way to get your product in the hands of the targeted consumer
  3. Aside of generating direct demand,  a press conference will deliver information about the product and be more exposed both through the media and visitors
TIPS: One of your greatest challenges in launching new product is on how creating trust to the market. So it is important to assure visitors that your product is the solution 


  1. Well designed trade show booth that draws visitors’ attention and attractive promotional items will leave an impression  for long term 
  2. By participating in an exhibition with other major brands, you will easily penetrate the market and be acknowledged by the visitors
  3. It is important to present outstanding visualization at the exhibition to leave a strong message of your brand identity
TIPS: Get Noticed! Good planning, execution, alongside with unique characteristics will assist your brand stand out from others


  1. Exhibitor will receive feedback from buyers that can be used for product development
  2. Understanding how consumer use the product allows you to get consumer insights
  3. Gather information as much as possible by simply talking to them or running a survey in order to identify the target market
TIPS: A well-written consumer analysis marketing plan such as focusing research questions can help the exhibitor to analyze data and market the product to targeted consumer more efficiently.


  1. Stay up to date with industry trends
  2. Compile information to answer concrete questions about potential consumers and competitors, and help companies determine internal goals
  3. Exhibitors can aggregate the results and deliver tactical and strategic insights directly to stakeholders to help them gain competitive advantages
TIPS: Keeping a wide perspective to take in various resources and strategies is the key to remaining competitive and agile


  1. Knowing who the competitors are, what they are offering and what marketing strategies they used can help to develop an impressive business
  2. Be alert of any threats posed by both new entrants and current competitors to your market 
  3. Use these competitor analysis knowledge to create marketing strategies that improve your own business performance
TIPS: Conducting SWOT analysis to highlights Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats help you to adjust your strategy moving forward


  1. By participating at an exhibition, exhibitors can evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy that has been carried out
  2. Exhibitors can find out the quality of teamwork from the resources they have
  3. Exhibitors can do a follow up they made at the show to remind the prospect of business deal
TIPS: When the show ended, be sure to measure various aspects you need to assess the success of the return on investment and compare it to other marketing efforts