06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


03 April 2017

Top Ceramics and Marble Collections in IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2017

Whatever the shapes and colors, floor and wall tiles must withstand any various loads and friction as well as changes in the weather. To get the right choice in terms of color, pattern, size and durability, simply visit IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2017 and interact directly with the exhibitor. Each exhibitor will show their latest and greatest collections that are ready to be selected according to the technical and aesthetics aspect of your project. Asides from the brand, product certification and standards will also help you to find the right product to your choices.



PT. Fajar Gelora Inti

Fagetti - taken from the name of the manufacturer PT. Fajar Gelora Inti, present in Hall 8 & 9 Booth Number 8-S-1, 9-T-1 and 9-U-1 displays wide array of world-class marbles and granites. Make sure that you visit IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2017 to browse and choose the latest offerings from Fagetti to find best option for your needs in prestigious flooring and walling solutions.


PT. Satyaraya Keramindo Indah

PT. Satyaraya Keramindoindah, a part of Lyman Group which is located in 10-Z-2 of Hall 10, presents Quadra - the biggest porcelain slab of the world with a size of 3.2 m x 1.6 m. Quadra is the result of advanced production technology from Italy, with the ability to produce various products targeting the premium market segment. Quadra has become the architects' and interior designers' choices for wall and flooring finishes for establishing the concept of luxurious and spaciouis design.


PT. Prima Granitama Perkasa

.PT. Prima Granitama Perkasa in Hall 10, Booth Number 10-Y-2 is the provider of Granity originated from the world's leading granite quarry such as Italy, Brazil and Africa.  Durable, elegant, weatherproof, and excellent installation service assistance becomes the key of Granity's customer loyalty.


PT. Eleganza Tile Indonesia

PT Eleganza Tile Indonesia, in Hall 9 Booth No. 9-W-1 is a provider of Eleganza, created in partnership with Eleganza Tiles Inc., one of the largest and the world's leading distributor for various ceramic products. Eleganza products is available for at least three categories for both residential and commercial : polished, unpolished, and wood pattern granite, each features exclusive appearance and quality.

PT. Shammah Marmer Indonesia

PT. Shammah Marmer Indonesia which occupies Booth No. 10-X-1 in Hall 10  presents Fascatti available in many different colors, types, and even some rare types of marble like Onyx, Gialo Sienna and Palissandro. Produced with original materials imported from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, ensures high quality marbles for commercial and residential application.


PT. Cahaya Lestari Permai Abadi

PT Cahaya Lestari Permai Abadi in Hall 10 Booth No. 10-Y-1 is a provider of Valentino Gress - Homogeneus Ceramic Tile. Various kinds of ceramics is distributed to all parts of Indonesia, by presenting innovative products suitable to the expectations of consumers, covering a wide selection of popular series such as Crystal Stone, Polished Glaze, Polished Porcelain, Rustic Porcelain Rustic, Wood Tiles and Slim Tiles.

Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co. Ltd

Kenzai Ceramics Industry Co. Ltd. from Thailand in Hall 10 Stand No. 10-X-5A is a provider of ceramic tiles for commercial and residential properties. Kenzai Ceramics has passed the  ASTM certification from America and EX87 from Italy. Ceramic Kenzai Ceramics is seeded for the application for flooring, wall finishes and swimming pool flooring.