06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


01 May 2017

Top Door & Window Panels at IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2017

Not only people and goods that require access into any spaces in every building, but also air and sunlight are also very important to help in the activity. In addition, the design, strength, beauty and ease in utilizing door, panel and window of the room are proven to add significant benefits and value. Get the best selection of doors, windows, and its accessories only at Indobuildtech Jakarta and find extensive choices of brands, models, materials and designs to your requirements.


PT. Milan Ecowood Indonesia

PT Milan Ecowood Indonesia at Hall 5 Stand Number 5-A-1 is a provider of environmentally friendly wood substitute panel product of Milan Ecowood brand. The alternative to wood panel is proven to be strong, anti-termite, waterproof, easy  to maintain and appears to be very natural. With an easy and practical installation system, Milan Ecowood is the versatile and perfect choice for wall, ceiling, and decking materials


PT. Super Teknik Indonesia

PT Super Teknik Indonesia in Hall 7 Stand Number 7-M-2A is an expert provider of metal and automatic rolling door. Since 1986, Super Teknik is experienced to produce and install iron doors that are widely used for factories, warehouses, housing, malls, wholesale centers, shop, office, and etc.



PT. Minye Indonesia

PT Minye Indonesia at Hall 5 Stand Number 5-B-3 is a provider of goods and accessories for doors and window namely Conch, LX, Hopo, and YR. Minye also provides machinery to process aluminum, glass and metal in supporting the operation of manufacturing and installation of door and window products.


PT. Fenstela

PT Fenstela in Hall 5 Stand Number 5-D-1 is manufacturer of Winalum doors, windows and aluminum profile. Winalum is manufactured using high-quality aluminum material, which will obviously provide convenience and comfort for its users. Winalum products is also famous for its level of precision and weather resistant.


PT. YooShin Indonesia

PT. YooShin Indonesia in Hall 10 Stand Number 10-Y-2 is a joint venture company, combing the latest technology from Korea and artistics design from Indonesia, specialize for door and furniture production for all types of room. Its products have penetrated the international markets of America, Australia, Europe and Asia,  thanks to its excellence of quality, innovation and modern design.


PT. Selaras Lawang Sewu

PT. Selaras Lawang Sewu in Hall 9 Stand Number 9-W-1A is a provider of Tormax and Kuppe brand for door and window solutions. Its automatic and manual glass doors has received international certification for Swing, Sliding, Revolving and Folding category.