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The 19th Exhibition of Building
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02 May 2017

Top Kitchen & Bathrooms Solution at IndoBuildTech Jakarta 2017

Perfection of any spaces in residential, office and commercial building is determined by the design and utilization of the right goods. Therefore, specified areas such as, kitchens and bathrooms always require their own interior fixtures to be efficient, comfortable and safe to use. For bathroom, comfort and safety factors as a personal space, have to consider model, design and quality according to preferences. Meanwhile, there is nothing wrong if any modern kitchen is designed to look like a studio or a neat boutique, starting from placement or composition of each activity. Among these categories needed are cabinet, refrigerator, sink, gas stove, microwave or oven and top table for cooking preparation.

For optimal benefits, make your visit to Indobuildtech and interact directly with top exhibitors to get the best products, solutions and ideas for your bathroom and kitchen needs.


PT. Kohler Indonesia

PT. Kohler Indonesia Hall 9 Stand Number 9-U-2 is a specialized provider of kitchenware and modern bathroom products. The superiority of its product range comes from its innovation of design and technical performance that is trusted and successful in various parts of the world. Its presence in Indobuildtech brings guarantees for a better life for all customers through high quality goods.


Lixil Group

Bathroom Systems and Technology and Modern Kitchen from Lixil Group in Hall 10 Stand Number 10-Y-3  is a world-class building material and building technology group with American Standard and Grohe brands. Its reputation is build by providing bathroom solutions and presenting excellence in design, technology, ease and convenience.
Whatever your personal style, there is always a modern or classics collection of American Standard and Grohe designs. Visit and prove it in Lixil Group booth at IndoBuildTech.


PT. Indomo Mulia

PT. Indomo Mulia in Hall 8 Stand Number 8-Q-2A is a provider of Modena, leading branded products known as the best choice to answer yours needs in Cooking, Cooling and Cleaning solutions. In addition to being widely known as a brand of cooking equipment, Modena also present a wide range of cooling products such as refrigerators, and cleaning categories such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

PT. Surya Toto Indonesia

PT. Surya Toto Indonesia in Hall 9 Stand Number 9-T-2 is a provider of Toto Sanitary Ware & Fittings products, which for decades is honored in the market of the high-end sanitary products such as toilets, wash basins, taps and other bathroom equipment. Having 40 years of experience in the Indonesian market, Toto proved this Japanese company's gait has had a great experience in designing and determining quality products desired by Indonesian consumers.


PT. Surya Pertiwi Indonesia

PT. Surya Pertiwi Indonesia in Hall 9 Stand Number 9-U-1A is the world's leading distributor of top brands of complete sanitary products in Indonesia, ranging from Japanese bathroom and toilet utensils to exclusive range of spa and kitchen products from Villeroy & Boch and Geberit. Get the latest high-end solutions for your bathroom and sanitary needs in Surya Pertiwi's booth only at IndoBuildTech Jakarta.



PT. Aditya Sarana Graha

PT. Aditya Sarana Graha (ASG) in Hall 10 Stand Number 10-Z-3 is a provider of the most comprehensive sanitary products, water heaters, fittings and bathroom accessories in Indonesia with leading brands such as Wasser, Paloma and Kirin. Serving the mission of improving the quality of life of the community, ASG continue to bring innovative benefits and added value for safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly bathroom system equipment. In addition of having a marketing network in many cities, ASG provides reliable assurance and after-sales service, as a solution to the needs of modern sanitary ware.

PT. Megah Ria Diantama

PT. Megah Ria Diantama at Hall 10 Stand Number R10-1 is a provider of Meridian bathroom products, ranging from bathtub, whirlpool, shower, water heater sink, toilet, faucets, fittings and accessories to water pumps. Presenting various models, designs and choice of materials as needed for comfort in household appliances.

PT. Megah Ria Diantama

PT Anugrah Ekstravisi Raya in Hall 9 Stand Number 9-T-3A  is one of the leading sanitary company in Indonesia with AER brand that has been widely known in the society due to its harmony in functionality, high quality and modern design .


PT. Sugih Makmur Eka Industri Indonesia

PT. Sugih Makmur Eka Industri Indonesia at Hall 9 Stand Number 9-V-6 is a Japanese sanitary ware supplier of San-Ei from Japan, presenting excellent and exclusive design for faucets, showers and wash basins. San-Ei is known world-wide with the concept of a safe and convenient water-use system for families and the environment.