Channel The Passion of Art Through Aesthetic Marbles & Granites

As the leading and largest exhibition of building materials and interiors in Indonesia, IndoBuildTech always presents world-class brands from marbles, granites, and other natural stones that can be applied to flooring and countertops products within the category industry.

The essential industry such as flooring and countertops materials, which of course, all building projects in this country demand more of the market leader’s contribution. This specific industry also has a distinct standpoint that is very closely related to how the aesthetic magnificence of their products is a characteristic of exclusivity that symbolizes the flagship advantages of each player in this industry.

In this edition of IndoBuildTech, we will present the best world-class brands in the Marbles and Granites product category such as Fagetti, Titanium Lamina Granite, and Sandimas. Of course, as a selective example of the market leader representatives from this category, they will bring the latest breakthroughs from product innovation and also other ranges that will provide many benefits and inspiration for all stakeholders who come to IndoBuildTech.

World Class Marbles & Granites Brands at IndoBuildTech