Road To Recovery: Accelerating Infrastructure Development Towards Future Normal

Infrastructure development as one of the first priority towards future normal


In line with the top priority in efforts to recover the world economy, The development, infrastructure and construction industry are the key sectors that becomes the main focus of post-pandemic industrial recovery efforts. Therefore, in general all drivers in this industrial sector can be assembled with a Recovery Action Plan that focuses on strategic recovery in fundamental infrastructure development projects. Improving the quality of human resources, and also increasing the quality of the use of building materials and equipment to maximize the movement results of this recovery effort.

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Let’s join IndoBuildTech Expo 2021 to gain the opportunity and actively contribute towards the momentum of the biggest infrastructure development movement in the history of this nation.

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New Date Announcement of IndoBuildTech Expo

IndoBuildTech is back on 17 – 21 November 2021 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). The return of offline business activities is expected to bring new potential to the sustainability of related industries.

IndoBuildTech Expo 2021 – Visitor Registration

IndoBuildTech Expo 2021’s visitor online registration is now officially open. Register yourself now! We look forward to welcoming you to IndoBuildTech Expo 2021!

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