The beauty of the design is its ability to morph, adapt, and incorporate influences that enhance style and function. The interior design trends 2020 exemplify this in a way that tells a story. Here, we describe 5 essential trends to decorate your home!

1. Earth Tones

Embracing earth tones such as Olive green, yellow ochre, and burnt orange are shades that not only bring warmth but also a connection to the great outdoors. Furniture and accessories that mimic natural elements of wood, plants, and metals offer an opportunity to create a calming environment much like being outside.

2.  Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a 2020 interior design trend that incorporates natural elements (materials, light, vegetation) into modern built environments that directly impacts our overall health. Research shows that incorporating direct or indirect elements of nature into the built environment has had a role in reducing stress and balancing blood pressure levels and heart rates. Additionally, this type of design increases productivity, creativity and self-reported rates of well-being!

3. Rattan + Wicker Furniture

Credits: Decorilla online interior designer, Corine M.
Once considered an exterior material, rattan and wicker furniture has risen the ladder of design for interior pieces as well. Rattan/wicker offers a warmth and charm that can be used in modern, transitional, boho styles and more. Whether taking on contemporary or more traditional shapes, having rattan/wicker pieces in your home invites organic elements that layer well with other decor.

4. Layered Contrasting Decor

Credits: Decorilla online interior designer, Joseph G.
In the past few years a large amount of decorating consisted of white, grey, and muted colors. While this creates a calm environment and allows smaller spaces to feel larger than their actual square footage, some designers have started introducing high contrast colors and finishes that make areas of the home unique and draw the eye to special pieces of existing features or furniture in the home.

5. Cement Vanities

Next year we’ll find more unexpected materials used throughout the home, especially in the bathroom. From cement sinks, to full-blown cement vanities in the bathroom, cement is becoming a more and more popular material to use in the home. It’s a great material to create a modern but rustic vibe in your space, and a lovely diversion from a standard wood or marble vanity.

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