The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers, manufacturers, and visitors from around the world.

Part 1 • 12 – 16 June 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia

Part 2 • 07 – 11 August 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia


10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers and manufacturers from around the world.

Part 1 | 12 – 16 June 2024
Part 2 | 07 – 11 August 2024

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City

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10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

Reasons to Visit IndoBuildTech 

Experience The Best Product Innovations of Advanced Building Material & Interior Technologies

IndoBuildTech Expo represents the Nation’s movement of collaborating every business sectors related to Building Material, Architecture, Interior, and all supporting technologies with every aspects of the overall industry’s actionable development goals.

Discover the most advanced and innovative products from around the world

Get inspired from the best experience of immersive attractions

Enrich yourself with meaningful insights from accredited professionals

Meet, Connect, and Extend your networking with our quality-focused community

Exhibition Sectors

A Complete Platform to Collaborate from Concepting to Implementing Brilliant Ideas of The Development Process

IndoBuildTech also provides a series of events that bring together all development industry activities to interact to create innovations, which are the primary driving force for development advancement throughout industry and business sectors. By presenting a range of experience points that have been specifically designed to deliver the most recent inspiration and knowledge to all stakeholders.

Product Category



Building Material & Constructions
• Abrasives
• Brick
• Building Envelope & Structures
• Building Window Film
• Cement and Concrete
• Concrete & Chemicals
• Doors
• Electrical
• Facade & Exterior
• Fiberglass Material
• Glass Building Material
• Glass Structures
• Insulation Material
• Landscape
• Metal, Steel & Aluminium
• Plumbing
• Pool & Fountains
• Prefabricated and Modular Construction
• PVC Structures
• Roofing, Cladding & Facade
• Tools & Hardware
• Water Technologies
• Waterproofing & Protective Materials
• Windows
• Wood Materials
Building Interior & Finishes
• Ceiling
• Chandeliers
• Coatings, Sealans & Adhesives
• Covering & Laminates
• Decoratives
• Doors
• Fittings
• Flooring
• Furniture
• Home Appliances
• Indoor Lightings
• Kitchen Wares
• Locks
• Paints, Plaster, & Varnishes
• Parquet
• Switches & Sockets
Ceramic & Marbles
• Artificial Stones
• Baths
• Ceramic Tiles
• Ceramic Wares
• Granite Tiles
• Marbles
• Natural Stones
• Shower Systems
• Sinks
• Toilets
Intelligent Building & Digital Architecture
• 3D Printing Technologies
• Access Control
• Anti Intrusion Systems
• Automated Gates & Controls
• Building Automation
• Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• CCTV & Security Cameras
• Measurement Technology
• Smart Building Facilities
• Smart Home Appliances
• Smart Lighting
HVACR & Solar Technologies
• Air Conditioning
• Air Filtration Systems
• Air Purifier
• Chiller
• Exhaust System
• Heating
• Humidifier & Dehumidifiers
• Meters, Gauges, & Regulators
• Refrigeration
• Solar Power System
• Ventilation System

Specialised Event



Indonesia Construction Technology Expo

Indonesia Construction Technology Expo (IndoConsTech) is a Development and Infrastructure Exhibition prepared as the ultimate platform to support the acceleration of the Indonesian Government’s Medium-Term National Development Program. 

Indonesia Building Facade Expo

Indonesia Building Facade Expo is held to satisfy the increased global demand for the facade material industry, Indonesia Building Facade Expo presents the opportunity by providing insights from global industry players into the facade materials manufacturing, processing, products, and materials sectors.

Indonesia Lighting Technology Expo

Indonesia Lighting Technology Expo was held in order to fulfill the demands in the new era of lighting solutions. Indonesia Lighting Technology Expo presented the foremost advancement of lighting technologies from manufacturers around the globe.

Indonesia Facilities Management Expo

Indonesia Facilities Management Expo (IFME); In fulfilling the needs of creating a world-class building and facilities, Indonesia Facilities Management Expo present the opportunity by providing a powerful schedule of events covering buildings and facilities management, smart technologies, energy management, security, and safety solutions, which also includes the latest developments and strategies for efficient facilities management and renewable technologies, to cover every single aspect of technology and services excellence in managing building and facilities. 




IndoBuildTech Awards

IndoBuildTech Awards is a part of IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition that will be held in one night, which was created as an appreciation to IndoBuildTech exhibitors and business partners. Along with various entertainers, IndoBuildTech Awards can also be a chance to strengthen networking between valued stakeholders as well as among fellow participating companies, which of course can have a positive impact on the progress of the development industry in the future.

National Architecture Installation Festival (NAIFEST)

National Architecture Installation Festival (NAIFEST) – A space for the nation’s finest architectural masterpiece. Each masterpiece will surely bring you inspiration and an immersive experience.

Various concepts, materials, and colors are bonded together to break all boundaries. These architecture installations are art that will surround and interacts with you. Prepare yourself to get involved through each of these breathtaking architectural installations.

IndoBuildTech Concept Exhibition (INCEPTION)

IndoBuildTech is one of the biggest events collaborating with government, associations, and architects. It provides a perfect solution for industry members to connect, collaborate, and source for architectural and building materials, solutions, and technologies. Our Host Partner consists of the professional architects with great credibility.

IndoBuildTech Creative Architecture Student Exhibition (INCASE)

INCASE, or the IndoBuildTech Creative Architecture Student Exhibition, is one of IndoBuildTech’s contributions towards supporting the advancement of Indonesian architecture fundamentals of the profession. INCASE is meant to give chances for the Indonesian architecture student community to raise the level and quality of their knowledge range, in addition to providing a place for continuous development