The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers, manufacturers, and visitors from around the world.

Part 1 • 12 – 16 June 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia

Part 2 • 07 – 11 August 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia


10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers and manufacturers from around the world.

Part 1 | 12 – 16 June 2024
Part 2 | 07 – 11 August 2024

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City

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10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

IndoBuildTech is one of the biggest events collaborating with government, associations, and architects. It provides a perfect solution for industry members to connect, collaborate, and source for architectural and building materials, solutions, and technologies. Our Host Partner consists of the professional architects with great credibility

In this year IndoBuildTech Expo 2024, the selected Host partners will show their projects on IndoBuildTech Concept Exhibition (IN.CEP.TION). In this program, you could see the best works from renowned architects and interior designers in the form of mockups and panels.

If you’re in need of an Architect for your next project, make sure to visit IndoBuildTech Expo 2024 Part 1, 12 – 16 June 2024 & Part 2, 07 – 11 August 2024 on  at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), and find your dream architect there!

IN.CEP.TION Architecture Studios

TRST Architect

TRST Architect was established in 2015 as Tataruang Architects. Since 2018, we have rebranded into TRST Architect to reflect a full-service architecture design studio located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The studio’s work includes high-end residential and commercial projects. Offering our best work and designs have always been our top priority, with trust being the center of our operations — hence, it is in the name TRST Architect.

RTR Architect

Architecture is something more than good-looking visual imaginery. It is way more than just instagrammable picture on social media or another commercial advertisement. 

We do believe, good architecture should give positive impact in many ways.

Our design approach is focus on create sustainable design by using green building standard for tropical climate. To achieve those requirement, we always using design passive method approach in our daily practices and do some measureable simulation based on specific context in the project.

As final result, we could save lots of energy consumption from saving daylight time, minimizing air conditioner usage by using natural airflow, saving cleanwater usage by reusing recycled-water, and others.

Sae Studio

SAE Studio is a design and architecture firm, founded in 2016 by two architects who fully dedicated their career to architecture world.

In our view, architecture is about the relationship between a physical object, its specific needs, and the environment.

The output is a creative and contemporary solution to that specific need. We are trying to create a comfortable place to stay, with a long last design, a friendly and easy-to-maintain product, a sustain, and contextual building, an affordable design for specific clients, in one term; a design that works for all of its aspects. In finding the best answer, SAE Studio continues in learning and gain a better understanding, combined technical knowledge, and continues the discussion with other disciplines to enrich the design solution.


KAD Firma Arsitektur is a Digital Architecture Consultant in Bandung, West Java – Indonesia.

KAD is determined to be one of many solution for a human needs in the field of
activity space that increasing the happiness based on the innovation and creativity.

PSA Studio

PSA Studio adalah konsultan arsitek berbasis studio yang didirikan oleh Ario Wirastomo dan Ditta Astrini Wijayanti sejak tahun 2008, yang telah mengerjakan proyek hunian, villa, interior, bangunan publik dan desain furnitur.

PSA Studio fokus untuk menciptakan karya yang memiliki pengalaman ruang yang responsif terhadap lingkungan dengan solusi kontemporer. Keinginan untuk terus mengeksplorasi material membuat setiap karya PSA Studio memiliki ciri yang khas.

Lokanata Architect (LNA)

Loka Nata Aestetika / LNA and Associates memulai debutnya pada tahun 2018 untuk memberikan pilihan dan perspektif desain yang segar dan berkarakter dengan semangat kolaborasi antara desainer muda berbakat di Indonesia, stakeholders dan owner.

LNA melihat desain tidak hanya menyelesaikan fungsi esensial dari suatu ruang, melampaui itu, arsitektur dapat menggerakan jiwa manusia dan menentukan kualitas hidup, harmonisasi, dimana manusia akan melakukan seluruh aktivitasnya didalam desain. LNA melihat kesederhanaan dalam desain sebagai bentuk harmonisasi desain dengan lingkungan, alam dan manusia.

Kini, LNA mengerjakan tidak kurang dari 30 proyek desain setiap tahunnya yang terdiri dari berbagai klien individu hingga perusahaan.

ERYU Architects

ERYU Architects is an architecture firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2011, ERYU Architects is a full service architecture and design firm specializing in architecture & interior design.

DNV Studio

DNV Studio is a professional architectural design and visualization studio founded in 2014 in Bandung, Indonesia by Iwan Widjaja & Esther Febriana.

Arcadia Works

Arkadia Works is a professional design & construction interior architecture firm founded on the belief that ideas and skilled craftsmanship are essential in enriching people’s lives.

Arkadia Works provides finest quality, excellent service, punctuality and partnership during the entire project.

Attaya Architect

Established in 2012, ATTAYA Architects is an architectural design firm based in Bandung.

Attaya Architects is an architecture firm that believes in utilizing technology to enhance our creativities. By utilizing the latest computational design tools and BIM (Building Information Modeling) system, we provide innovative and efficient design solutions to your residential, commercial and public properties.


​​Created in the year of 2015, established at PT. Teripta Syandana Karya in the year of 2017. TIES Design and Build professionally serves in architecture, interior and construction. We provide design consultation and construction supervision, also both them. Thus, this one stop service is perfect for the convenience solution for modern users.


SE Design is a creative studio that excels in the realms of interior and architectural design. Based in BSD, Indonesia, the studio is dedicated to crafting unique and visually appealing spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics.


ADV Studio Arsitek is an architectural firm based in Palangka Raya, Indonesia. ADV Studio Arsitek is known for its focus on sustainability and functionality, aiming to enhance the quality of life for its clients while also contributing to the aesthetic beauty of the surrounding environment.