The 22nd Edition of the leading architecture, building material & interior exhibition in Indonesia. 

Attracting key buyers and manufacturers from around the world.

5-9 July 2023 Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Indonesia

Days until IndoBuildTech Expo 2023








5-9 July 2023 • Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City

The 22nd Edition of the largest and the leading building material & interior exhibition in Indonesia.

Attracting key buyers and manufacturers from around the world.

5-9 July 2023  Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City, Indonesia








IndoBuildTech Awards is a part of the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition that will be held in one night, which was created as an appreciation to IndoBuildTech exhibitors and business partners. Along with various entertainers, the IndoBuildTech Awards can also be a chance to strengthen networking between valued stakeholders as well as among fellow participating companies, which of course can have a positive impact on the progress of the development industry in the future.

“The memorable night that we will remember

The award is the highest embodiment of recognition for the best company in its category when the same time it is perfect momentum for establishing deep and continuous networking, forge connection, find new collaborators, also new business partners.

All About IndoBuildTech Awards


A respectful welcome on the red carpet complemented by posing for a while in front of the wall of fame


Meaningful dinner with a delicious and various menu to accompany your networking activities with our valued guests


Prestigious awards to be selected by authorized professionals who are awarded to the best participating brands


Special performance featuring famous Indonesian presenters and artists



Symbolizes the Company’s Overall Excellence

IndoBuildTech Award Winner will be recognized as a company that possess the values of excellence and being a market leader in the industry.

Symbolizes the Company’s Overall Excellence

IndoBuildTech Award Winner will be recognized as a company that possess the values of excellence and being a market leader in the industry.

Symbolizes the Company’s Visionary Innovations

With recognition as the winner of the IndoBuildTech Award, the company will also be known as an industry driver with visionary innovation.

Symbolizes the Company’s Contribution Towards Development

The winning company will be a good example to measure the contribution to development from the driver and provider side in the industry.

IndoBuildTech Awards will be posed as one of the hallmarks for our valued and loyal exhibitors that symbolize the excellence of the overall company’s contribution towards the nation’s infrastructure development progress.

Award Categories


The IndoBuildTech Innovative Product Sector Awards is the form of highest appreciation for the best participating and featured companies in a specific product sectors and innovation throughout the year.

Innovative Product Sectors Categories
  • Luxury Bathroom
  • Door & Window Products
  • Water Channel Systems
  • Water Technologies
  • Premium Surfaces
  • Aluminium Profile
  • Top End Laminates
  • Residential Paints
  • Sintered Stones
  • Building Facade
  • Home & Kitchen Appliances
  • Building Envelopes
  • Premier Natural Stones
  • Building Structures
  • Interior Furnishing & Decor
  • Building Safety & Equipment
  • Granite & Ceramic Slabs
  • Building Material & Boards
  • Sanitary Essentials
  • Commercial Coatings


The IndoBuildTech Outstanding Performers Award is the highest form of appreciation for IndoBuildTech exhibitor companies that have had the best activities over the past year.

Outstanding Performers Categories
  • Outstanding Promotional Activities
  • Outstanding Business Digitalization
  • Outstanding Social Responsibilities
  • Outstanding Customer Engagement
  • Outstanding Environmental Responsibility
  • Outstanding Product Development
  • Outstanding Net Zero Initiative


The IndoBuildTech Special Awards are intended to give the highest level of appreciation to the Highest Achievers of The Industry that has been collaborating over the past year.

Special Awards Categories
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Global Contribution Award
  • Honorary Award

“Valuable awards take the company to the next level along with millions of golden opportunities.”


A prestigious awards program held by IndoBuildTech Expo can position your brand and your business, in the eyes of customers, prospects and other stakeholders – as an industry leader. 

Customer acquisition and retention

The ultimate benefit of entering an awards program, generating brand awareness and enhancing your brand positioning, is the potential boost to sales, customer acquisition, customer retention, revenue and profit.

Networking and Endorsement 

IndoBuildTech Expo is always supported by associations and business partners related to the building material industry, so this is an opportunity for the winners to be able to gain networking opportunities and get new endorsement from new potential client.  

A new spirit booster to internal team

The new award is a recognition that the entire internal team performance at the company has been very good for one year. With this award, IndoBuildTech Expo is here to boost a new spirit so that next year the entire team in the company can maintain and even exceed this year’s performance.


To get this award is not an easy thing. Various stages and assessments that involve professionals in their fields contribute to determining who is eligible and who is not. It is not surprising that by giving this award, the winner has the right to have a higher respect among competitors.


Award winners will be announced at the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition 2023. 

The winner will receive the trophy.

A Precious Moment For Us All to Enjoy

Let us look at this IndoBuildTech Awards as a moment of delight together in a meaningful passion as one of the endless platforms for all participants who contribute important value for growth advancement.