Infrastructure development as one of the first priorities towards future normal

In line with the top priority in efforts to recover the world economy, The infrastructure development and construction industry are the key sectors that become the main focus of post-pandemic industrial recovery efforts. Therefore, in general, all drivers in this industrial sector can be assembled with a Recovery Action Plan that focuses on strategic recovery in fundamental infrastructure development projects. Improving the quality of human resources, and also increasing the quality of the use of building materials and equipment to maximize the movement results of this recovery effort.

Fundamental Infrastructure Development

As the government has created list of priorities in fundamental infrastructure development, namely with the aim of reviving development plans that have been disrupted by the impact of the pandemic. The state mega-projects that had been missed are now starting to slowly rebuild and revive other supporting sectors of infrastructure development.

Human Resource Improvement

In addition to reviving development, there needs to be a review from the perspective of human resources, which has also undergone many changes since being affected by industrial shifts. Now the challenge for the human side of development must also keep pace with the fast pace of development. 

Materials & Equipment Improvement

In facing the challenges of strategic infrastructure development that are demanding in terms of quality, quantity, and time, it also causes the need to improve the quality of building materials and equipment as large as other sectors. It is the hope to show a solid and quality development.


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