What’s The Big Thing in 2023

2023 is the year when all the big movements are here to drive real change that has a positive impact on all sectors. This major change covers all aspects that affect how the dynamics of the industry run with systematic efforts toward advanced Infrastructure developments. 

IndoBuildTech Expo 2023 will bring momentum that will drive progress in all aspects of the dynamics of the industry.

Forward With IndoBuildTech

In the movement towards advanced infrastructure development, a collective and systematic movement is the right approach to building an impeccable image of advanced development. 

By participating in significant movements every year that will make a difference in the process of establishing a substantial and meaningful development which makes this country’s symbol of stability through a series of real movements that are packed with  a lot of insights and benefits for all stakeholders across industrial sectors.

A Strategic Approach to Forward With IndoBuildTech

To ensure the vision of being a platform to support all of the advancements of Infrastructure Development, Forward With IndoBuildTech compiles 4 main strategic approach points to collaborate with each stakeholder within the development industry aspects.

Emphasizing Decentralized Infrastructure Development

Decentralized infrastructure development is a strategic approach in realizing the vision of advancing the country’s overall infrastructure development without only focusing the center of development in one or several specific area. By adapting this approach, equitable development can be realized more efficiently because it makes each area that is developed a priority.

Collaborating Benchmark Cities with Regional Developments

As Indonesia already has several leading cities that can be considered as benchmarks for quality development. Collaboration between big cities with advanced development in other areas will establish a solid foundation that depicts a strong image of the country’s development vision that is advanced in a strategic and systematic approach.

Establishing Strategic Supply Lines

In supporting equitable and efficient quality development, a strategic approach movement in the form of improving the quality of the supply line from each stage such as raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, to the finishing process will result in real movement in the development of quality infrastructure in all directions that develop in an effort towards progress. 

Following The Emerging Consumer Trends

In addition to regional infrastructure development, development on an individual scale has also become a growing trend with the movement towards decentralization of development needs. Various kinds of increased demand will occur at the level of individual-scale projects that require business people in it to follow new trends in the consumer’s field of market.

Show Details

IndoBuildTech Expo 2023 – Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City 

Total Area: 50.000 sqm
Total Visitors: 75.000+ Visitors
Brands Represented: More than 1000 Brands
Countries Represented: 7
China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Singapore