What’s The Big Thing in 2022

2022 is the right time for all cross-industry business stakeholders to unite and consolidate in order to strengthen the foundations of future development. Therefore, we can bring big things that will bring positive changes in 2022 as follows:

A Substantial Next Step of Recovery Efforts 

After more than a year of the infrastructure development industry and other supporting sectors evaluating and reviewing various latest ideas in the movement to accelerate developments, now is the time for all activists in the development sector to Reinforce all efforts that strengthen the foundations and other supporting aspects of the country’s progress towards building a superior welfare of society with better quality of life.


An Inspiring Purpose for Change

What makes the next step of Recovery Efforts becomes crucial in order to future-proofing the development of an advanced infrastructure?

Based on the conclusions obtained from the 2022 leadership work program conference, there are 7 national priorities which include:

  1. Strengthening Economic Endurance
  2. Ensuring Equitable Development
  3. Improving the quality of Human Resources
  4. Mental & cultural revolution
  5. Accelerating Infrastructure development
  6. Increase Resilience to Disasters
  7. Strengthening the transformation of public services

A Strategic Approach to Reinforcing The Bond of Nation

In general, efforts to strengthen the basis of progress in infrastructure development can be backed by a strategic approach in the form of revisiting the ecosystem of Infrastructure Development, supporting productivity through connectivity and mobility infrastructure, affordable & accessible energy, as well as equitable distribution of regional infrastructure development.

By starting to focus on this strategic approach, the next development steps can be carried out more directed and efficiently.

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