From Our Valued Exhibitors

Mr. Stephanus Koeswandi

Vice President of PT. Tatalogam Lestari

We always looking forward to exhibiting in IndoBuildTech from year to year, IndoBuildTech motivates us to think, create and show our recent innovative product every year. Debindo-ITE has been doing a great job increasing the quantity and the quality of the delegates and exhibitor that participating in IndoBuildTech.

Mr. Alberto Gonzalez

Managing Director of PT. Roca Trading Indonesia

At Roca we participate in IndoBuildTech Expo to showcase our latest product novelties in the ASEAN region to our business partners, achitects, interior designers, developers ,contractors, F&B and hotel chain operators and rest of the key professional stakeholders.

Mr. William Simiadi

Director of PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi

IndoBuildTech at ICE BSD is one of the most famous exhibitions in the building materials market.  We are happy to joined and presenting new collections of kitchen and wardrobe products to our potential customer and meet  a lot of designers and architects in our stand.

Host Partners & Architects

IndoBuildTech has proven itself as one of the best platform for leading figure of built environment in Indonesia. It provides the opportunity for designers, contractors, and suppliers to meet and create something new together. 

Mr. Andra Matin


A very good event that has a potential to be a catalyst for the green movement and green awareness, as well as the industries itself. INCEPTION was a smart feature and relevant to the general theme. It still has room for improvement, but overall we think it was well-organized.
Mr. Don Pieto

Architect, DP+HS

I really very much enjoyed IndoBuildTech Expo 2018 and it was a true pleasure. I would like to thank you very much again for your kind invitation and perfect hospitality to me.

Mr. Astungkara Handyan

Architect, Km0Studio

Governmental Authorities & Professional Associations

Ever since Indobuildtech EXPO was held in ICE BSD which I observed from year to year it is clear that this leading exhibitions forum in the construction and building industry have improved in quality and its roles. Bravo and salute for PT Debindo ITE as a credible, creative and effective 1st class facilitator and communication hub for all stakeholders in the building and construction industry in Indonesia. 

Mr. Iwan Prijanto

Chairman, Indonesia Green Building Council

Along with the organizing of IndoBuildTech (IBT) 2018, IAI Banten has organized Banten Arch Week (BAW) 2018 as one of the organization’s main annual programs. The collaboration between IBT2018 and BAW 2018 has enormous benefits to improve the role of professional architects’ organization, to enhance the role of architects’ in national development, and to increase the construction industries in Indonesia. Hopefully, the collaboration between IBT and BAW can be continuously established and improved better and more massively in the coming years.
Mr. Pierre A. Pongai

Chairman, Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) Banten

IndoBuildTech is a special “big mega” exhibition. A place to bring together all parties in Construction, Building, Architecture, Design, Higher Education, Professional Organization and all related aspects. From year to year IndoBuildTech is always better and better. Being part of IndoBuildTech is a great pride, and it is a positive energy to bring optimism in the profession.
Mr. Chairul Amal Septono

Chairman, HDII DKI Jakarta