Healthy indoor and outdoor conditions and an attractive appearance are important things to provide a sense of safety, security, and comfort to remain productive in the new normal era. 

One of the newest priorities for establishing a healthy home & environment is to ensure the balance between indoor and outdoor living space is optimized to support their new habit of keeping and ensuring their both physical and mental health. 

IDEVFO #Series4 is here to provide you with broad and deep knowledge and interesting topics regarding Healthy Home & Environment For Productive Future.

This forum will thoroughly discuss trends in the need for healthier residential and commercial properties as part of the impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior.

It is a very interesting topic to be discussed at this time since having a healthy home is a solution for the safety needs, healthy and productive activities at home.

From a macro-industry perspective, the healthy home trend is driving the growth of the property business, architectural services and design consultants, contractors, and providers of building material products. 

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