It’s not like IndoBuildTech if none of the top brands in the world are there. We forged a long-lasting partnership at the launching of the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition and the kick-off event of IndoBuildTech Awards to demonstrate our shared commitment to contribute in the development of high-quality infrastructure. As a practical steps that will help guarantee a higher standard of living in the future, starting right now.

Representatives from Adhimix joined IndoBuildTech with full optimism for this year

Since each stakeholder is actively contributing to the sustainability of the industry, we believe that the collaboration and consolidation of collaboration from all stakeholders is the key to the success of sustainable infrastructure development. In order to ensure development that is on-target, of high quality, and resilient so that it can reflect the vision and spirit of our country’s development, which is getting stronger and does not miss the other important and prominent aspects of development, IndoBuildTech will continue to offer top brands from a variety of local and international product categories.

Make sure your company is part of the movement towards quality development by joining the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition on 16-20 November 2022 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD City. Get the best opportunity to optimize your business activities with us.

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