PT Kenari Djaja Prima is the leading supplier of high-quality modern building materials such as door locks and window locks, as well as Italian hand-made handles, sound movable partitions, and frameless glass moveable partitions. One of the reasons why Kenari Djaja is trusted by the customers and partners, is the commitment to provide quality services and quality products. 

The Heritage Product Flagship Design of Kenari Djaja

PT Kenari Djaja Prima was founded and developed with the purpose of becoming Indonesia’s top architectural hardware firm. As a company selling locks and door fixtures established for 57 years in Indonesia, they thrive on meeting market needs and carrying the spirit of continuous development always to provide the best service for customers.

Kenari Djaja Project Reference on Product Implementations

Kenari Djaja Products Showcase

Kenari Djaja will bring their leading-edge products to the IndoBuildTech Premiere Exhibition on ICE BSD and introduce their new mobile application. Their campaign “Utilizing a mobile phone allows for shopping within the home without leaving” facilitates clients to order the finest products that Kenari Djaja offers easily. Try their new mobile application at their booth on 6-E-1 at Hall 6, ICE BSD.


Take your business to a new level with the IndoBuildTech Premier Exhibition on ICE BSD from 16 – 20 November 2022!

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