An Indonesian furniture and lifestyle company called VIVERE provides interior design collections for homes. The company promotes cutting-edge styles with crisp lines and a contemporary flair. The end effect is a timeless aesthetic that creates a lovely atmosphere for living.

Vivere’s Range of Product Application

VIVERE offers a vast selection of furniture and home decor items in natural, modern, classic, minimalist, and upscale styles to suit every need, desire, and taste. Vivere works with R&D and well-known Indonesian designers to provide solutions for home furnishing and decoration. VIVERE can be a partner in every everyday activity, not just for house but also for lifestyle needs. VIVERE collaborates with Indonesian local brands from a variety of industries, including leather craft, food and beverage, dining ware, home decoration, and fashion, under the banner of #VIVERElokal, to celebrate the creativity and quality of our local products that can compete with international brands.

Vivere Product Implementation on Various Interior Projects

VIVERE has collaborated with a number of brilliant local designers to ensure delivery of signature and in-style furniture pieces. Furthermore, they prioritize quality, paying close attention to every detail such as design, material selection, and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to create stunning collections. VIVERE employs carefully chosen materials and mediums such as wood, veneer, rattan, marble, brass, seashell, metal, and ropes.

VIVERE product is created through a series of research and development processes in which designers and factory teams play an important role. Products are carefully and intensively reviewed in terms of comfort, strength, size, and ergonomic factors so that the finished product is marketable and ready to use. 

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