Shunda Sucai Indonesia is a company that manufactures building materials with their specialty, PVC ceilings. Their vision is to become the Brand Leader in manufacturing and distributing building materials sector throughout Indonesia and Southeast asia. To accomplish that, Shunda Sucai Indonesia always makes sure that they create innovative, high quality products and environmentally sustainable to meet present challenges, increase production and handling efficiency in order to produce highly competitive price of products, ensures the availability of products through integrated distribution system and to always make continuous improvement of customer services in terms of marketing, technical and after sales to meet customers satisfaction.

Product Application Reference of Shunda

PVC Ceiling, often known as Shunda Plafon, is the hallmark product of Shunda Sucai Indonesia. Shunda Plafon is a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) ceiling that is incredibly light and has several advantages such as waterproofing, anti-termite, and fire resistance. Shunda Plafon is an alternative to conventional ceiling materials on the market today.

Shunda Product Application References

Shunda comes with a variety of the best innovative products that have so far met many consumer needs for termite-proof building materials and waterproof, so it has high durability when used. The products Shunda Sucai Indonesia have presented so far are also decorative because they come with various textures and patterns to support various texture variants and motifs to support various design needs, a fast installation process and without finishing so that it has a comparative advantage in terms of cost saving variable.

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