Since 1971, Djabesmen Group has produced a range of sizes and varieties of fiber cement roofing sheet with quality that complies with SNI (Indonesian National Standard). With years of expertise producing building materials, Djabesmen Group has faced difficulties with quality, sourcing, customer service, distribution, and working well with distributors in order to satisfy the growing market demand. 

Pt. DBC (Djabesmen Co.) is a group of companies engaged in the material building business with 9 (Eight) Business Units consisting of PT Wahana Nusantara Rucika, PT Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika, PT Wahana Tunas Utama Rucika, PT Djabesdepo Fortuna Raya, PT Djabesmen, PT Royalboard Banguninti Granito,  PT Djabes Tunas Utama, PT Superex Raya dan PT Depoguna Bangunan Online.

The Djabesmen building material products are being utilized in numerous projects across the nation and have even been exported to numerous nations. Djabesmen Group provides some of the essential items for public buildings, including their lineup of roofing products such as Djabes 6, Djabes 11, Djabes 14, and Djabes Genteng as well as their accessories (Djabes Nock). In all Indonesian climate conditions, Djabesmen roof is safe to use, quick to install, and offers good comfort.

Rucika Product Exhibit

Royalboard Product Application References

Discover Djabesmen Group such as Granito & Royalboard, and Rucika at 9-T-1, Hall 9 at ICE BSD

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