By having quality products and affordable prices, ONDA has succeeded in attracting the hearts of the public and always improving the quality of its services which are the main factor, namely customer satisfaction and trust in ONDA.

Onda continues to strive to be a quality sanitary and plumbing brand and to be the most loved and appreciated sanitary and plumbing brand in all corners of Indonesia, is one of the top priority in ONDA. As a company that prioritizes creativity in providing quality sanitary and plumbing products, ONDA committed to be the most complete and affordable sanitary and plumbing for all circles and prioritizing relationships with all stakeholders.

Onda’s Product Application Reference

ONDA’s products vary from plumbing, shower, faucet, and accessories including water drainers. ONDA stayed as TOP Brands in the first position for the faucet and the third position for the water drainer. Currently, floor drain has a very important role in the sanitary needs of houses, hotel buildings, apartments, and more so for other high-rise buildings that have quite a lot of toilet rooms. The floor drain is one of the accessories that are often found in bathrooms, where its function is as a place for used water to enter the discharge pipe.

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