Starting from a factory in East Java, Karang Pilang continues to faithfully serve the public for more than 60 years with all market segments starting from ceramic tile products, and ventilation bricks/breezeblocks that are routinely used even in remote rural areas. With a super solid brand loyalty foundation, Karang Pilang very carefully summarizes the supply of roof frame products and their covers which include installation and warranty services, while providing aesthetic/architectural satisfaction to its loyal clients. With the development of the times, Karang Pilang also continues to innovate to still be able to satisfy their clients and now Karang Pilang has e-commerce in the building materials sector.

Karang Pilang’s Technological Advancement Reference

Through powerful word-of-mouth, Karang Pilang has been successfully running for decades, until it almost became a “generic brand” in the east Java, Madura, Bali, Lombok, and NTT regions where 80% of the ceramic roof comes from Karang Pilang. With the addition of 2 factories in Tangerang, Karang Pilang managed to enter the western part of the Indonesian market.

Karang Pilang’s Wide Range of Product Application References

From 1956 until now, Karang Pilang tiles have served the Indonesian people with a product reputation that is always consistent both in quality and its service so that it becomes the best and most trusted trademark of tiles, bricks, and ceramic bricks in Indonesia with advantages such as anti-tampers without aluminum foil and plywood base, anti-seepage and leak-proof, full warranty with installation (certified), diverse color choices with approximately 3000 colors, and soothing the house. 

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