PT Sunrise Steel was established in 2008 to meet consumer demand for Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Steel (BjLAS), which can be used in a variety of applications and adheres to the “Long Usage Term” principle.

Sunrise Steel Warehouse 

PT Sunrise Steel also has a Slitting Machine facility with a production capacity of 400.000 tons per year to help meet the demand for Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Steel.

Sunrise Steel Products

PT Sunrise Steel presents ZINIUM® brand products, quality Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Steel that is designed and manufactured in accordance with human needs, by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

As tangible evidence of the quality of PT Sunrise Steel’s Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Steel products, there is always a ZINIUM® logo, product type naming, and SNI 4096:2007 inscription, complete with date and time of manufacture, to product guarantees for each product according to the application.

Currently, ZINIUM® is one of the wood replacement materials in Indonesia that can be used for a variety of purposes such as roof truss construction, roof coverings, partition frames, electronic component covers, motor vehicle bodies, household appliances, and many more.

Various product innovations of PT Sunrise Steel with the best performance, especially related to coating mass, were created over time to meet market needs, beginning with AZ 70, AZ 100, AZ 150, AZ 200, DIVERSO EMERALD, and DIVERSO SAPPHIRE.

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