As sanitary ware has become one of the mainstay product categories in the sustainability of the IndoBuildTech Expo exhibition for the last decade, the general public’s interest always follows the positive trends developed in each edition of IndoBuildTech throughout the year. This specific movement transforms the sanitary ware category into a flagship category that will always bring a luxurious and elegant impression to IndoBuildTech Expo’s image as the leader in building material technology products, architecture, construction, and interiors exhibition in Indonesia.

With the aim of enriching the variety of products in the exhibition, IndoBuildTech is always at the forefront of presenting the world’s best brands so that they can provide a broad and targeted choice for various segments of the building project market in Indonesia. In addition, as a professional business platform that actively compiles opportunities from diversified perspectives, IndoBuildTech always shows commitment to becoming a perfect meeting place for opportunities for the appropriate business players.

In this 21st edition, IndoBuildTech Expo will also present a broad selection in the Sanitary Ware product category, which will provide an excellent choice for all visitors to experience firsthand the unique and distinctive experiences of each brand present at the IndoBuildTech Expo 2022.

The presence of the variety of choices is notably intended as a source of inspiration for many professional building designers so that they can more precisely choose products that are suitable for ongoing projects. Thus making the Sanitary Ware product category at the IndoBuildTech Expo one of the main attractions in realizing dream projects.

Get the best possible offers from our selections of World Class Brands. Especially sanitary ware brands while exploring IndoBuildTech Expo 2022.

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