The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers, manufacturers, and visitors from around the world.

Part 1 • 12 – 16 June 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia

Part 2 • 07 – 11 August 2024 • ICE BSD City, Indonesia


10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

The Biggest Building Material, Architecture, and Interior Exhibition in Indonesia

Attracting key buyers and manufacturers from around the world.

Part 1 | 12 – 16 June 2024
Part 2 | 07 – 11 August 2024

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City

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10.00 AM – 9.00 PM

Not only presenting many of the latest and most sophisticated products from the categories of building materials, architecture, and interiors, IndoBuildTech will also provide the best experience to help you find broad and appropriate inspiration for your various building needs. One of them is by providing a wide and comfortable exhibition area to explore along with your excitement for various interesting things that are presented in 5 days of exhibition activities at IndoBuildTech Expo 2022.

Your next development project is a very interesting one. Therefore, IndoBuildTech will present some hints and tips for browsing the exhibition in order to get the best experience as efficiently and effectively as possible. With a choice of more than 500+ world’s best building materials, architecture, and interior brands, of course, this opportunity to participate in exhibition activities at IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 is the answer to your needs in your next project.

In this article, IndoBuildTech will provide instructions for exploring the exhibition area for those of you who want to maximize as much inspiration as possible during your visit.

1. Need a reliable product to become the foundation of your next project?

At the IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 exhibition, the core category that is the main image of all-time glory is how the contribution of the Building Materials & Constructions product category brands can give you the impression of being trusted and reliable for all types of project scales in the future. Therefore, IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 presents many of the world’s best building and construction material brands.

Selected Brands of Building Materials & Construction :

2. Want to get fresh and the latest color trends inspiration for your living space?

IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 presents some of the best brands in the Building Interior & Finishes category that will always bring fresh trends in visual excellence that can be applied to your next project.

Selected Brands of Building Interior & Finishes :

3. Push your Desire to Bring Your Next Project a Touch of Elegance

A touch of elegance in the project is something of a major impetus that brings about the additional impression in everyday life that can be created in it. Therefore, the Ceramic & Marbles product category as the flagship category in the IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 presents inspiration that can meet the aesthetic needs of your next project.

Selected Brands of Ceramic & Marbles :

4. Be Bold and Advanced in Bring Convenience to Your Daily Life

In addition to presenting various kinds of core needs in development, IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 also presents various technological advances in the implementation of development through the Intelligent Building and Digital Architecture product category which will be a major aspect in improving the quality of life which will be very useful for your next project.

Selected Brands of Intelligent Building & Digital Architecture:

5. Complete Your Project Needs with The Extended Comfort

One aspect that can’t be missed is that your project will need more facilities to complete the demand for comfort. The wide range of HVACR & Solar Technology of IndoBuildTech Expo 2022 will surely complete your project needs and bring complementary value to the quality of life for the users. 

Selected Brands of HVACR & Solar Technologies:

Be Sure not to miss this best opportunity from various world-class brands only at the largest and the most comprehensive exhibition of Building materials, Architecture, Construction, and Interior in Indonesia.