As the leading and largest exhibition of building materials and interiors in Indonesia, IndoBuildTech always presents world-class brands from a variety of interior products that can be applied to every building type. From homes to high-rise apartments and offices.

Interior products have been one of the biggest centers of attention at IndoBuildTech exhibitions for a long time, therefore various design variations and new breakthroughs will be present at the exhibition with creative application concepts.

In this edition of IndoBuildTech, we will present the best world-class brands in the Interior product category. Of course, as a selective example of the market leader representatives from this category, they will bring the latest breakthroughs from product innovation and also other ranges that will provide many benefits and inspiration for all stakeholders who come to IndoBuildTech.

The presence of the variety of choices is notably intended as a source of inspiration for many professional building designers so that they can more precisely choose products that are suitable for ongoing projects. Thus making the Interior & Finishes category at the IndoBuildTech Expo one of the main attractions in realizing dream projects.

Get the best possible offers from our selections of World Class Brands. Especially Interior & Finishes brands while exploring IndoBuildTech Expo 2022.

Be Sure not to miss this best opportunity from various world-class brands only at the largest and the most comprehensive exhibition of Building materials, Architecture, Construction, and Interior in Indonesia.