IndoBuildTech Expo – the largest building material, interior and architecture exhibition in Indonesia, as one of the main exhibition for world-class brands to promote their latest product will soon enter its 22nd edition from 5 to 9 July 2023 at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) Tangerang.

Continuing the success of holding the previous edition, the new concept for 22nd IndoBuildTech Expo 2023 is designed to reach more visitors, participants and supporting partners from big cities in Indonesia. One of the activities series that will be carried out in realizing this is by conducting pre-event Road Shows to the big cities besides Jakarta, such as Surabaya, Balikpapan, Bali, Semarang and Bandung.

The Roadshow program to major cities is an important part of the enthusiasm to bring more quality visitors, participants and supporting partners to the IndoBuildTech Expo 2023, as well as establishing collaborations with regional strategic partners.  The reason behind choosing these big cities in Indonesia by considering the amount of development growth and also the level of economic progress. 

The activities that will be carried out are not just a roadshow but also holding meetings with strategic partners for the benefit of the successful running of IndoBuildTech Expo.  Besides that IndoBuildTech are also supported by related associations in each city. The program runs in line with the theme “Forward with IndoBuildTech” which is the actualization of a collective and systematic movement forward in supporting the development of residential and commercial building infrastructure. 

Consistent in creating optimal benefits and added value for visitors and participants, with this strategy it is hoped that the exhibitors and all the stakeholders of IndoBuildTech can maximize their participation at the IndoBuildTech Expo and get more potential buyers from all over Indonesia. 

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