06−10 October 2021

The 19th Exhibition of Building
Material and Interior

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
BSD City, Indonesia


KyivBuild Meeting

Mr. Stephanus Koeswandi, Vice President of PT. Tatalogam Lestari (Exhibitors)

We always looking forward to exhibiting in IndoBuildTech from year to year, IndoBuildTech motivates us to think, create and show our recent innovative product every year. Debindo has been doing a great job increasing the quantity and the quality of the delegates and exhibitor that participating in IndoBuildTech.


Mr. Fauzan Romdhon, Communication Manager Marketing Department of PT. Roca Trading Indonesia (Exhibitor)

Roca, a brand of reference engaged in the design, production and commercialization of bathroom space products, was very pleased for joining the IndoBuildTech 2018. For Roca, IndoBuildTech is still Indonesia’s largest Building and Finishing Material exhibition by far. Hence, we believe that this was the best platform to introduce and showcase our presence in Indonesia.


Mr. William Simiadi, Director of PT. Vivere Multi Kreasi (Exhibitor)

IndoBuildTech at ICE BSD is one of the most famous exhibitions in the building materials market.  We are happy to joined and presenting new collections of kitchen and wardrobe products to our potential customer and meet  a lot of designers and architects in our stand.

Mr. Bagus Nugroho,  Trade Marketing & Activation Manager of PT. American Standard Indonesia (Exhibitor)

LIXIL Water Technology has attended three IndoBuildTech editions since it was started in ICE - BSD. We take the opportunity here to introduce and show products from American Standard Indonesia and Grohe Indonesia to our loyal customers. IndoBuildTech is the biggest event in Indonesia that suits the market of building material industry especially sanitary products. Hopefully next year will be more crowded than this year.

Mr. Andra Matin - Architect

IndoBuildTech has proven itself as one of the best platform for leading figure of built environment in Indonesia. It provides the opportunity for designers, contractors, and suppliers to meet and create something new together. 

Mr. Don Pieto, DP+HS - Architect

A very good event that has a potential to be a catalyst for the green movement and green awareness, as well as the industries itself. INCEPTION was a smart feature and relevant to the general theme. It still has room for improvement, but overall we think it was well-organized.

Mr. Astungkara Handyan, Km0Studio - Architect

I really very much enjoyed IndoBuildTech Expo 2018 and it was a true pleasure. I would like to thank you very much again for your kind invitation and perfect hospitality to me.

Mr. Iwan Prijanto – Chairman Indonesia Green Building Expert (Association)

Ever since Indobuildtech EXPO was held in ICE BSD which I observed from year to year it is clear that this leading exhibitions forum in the construction and building industry have improved in quality and its roles. Indobuildtech EXPO 2018 is not just an ordinary expo but has become a great forum and destination of interaction and communication among communities and stakeholders in the building and construction industry in Indonesia. Bravo and salute for PT Debindo ITE as a credible, creative and effective 1st class facilitator and communication hub for all stakeholders in the building and construction industry in Indonesia. 

Pierre A Pongai – Vice Chairman of Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) Banten

Along with the organizing of IndoBuildTech (IBT) 2018, IAI Banten has organized Banten Arch Week (BAW) 2018 as one of the organization’s main annual programs. The collaboration between IBT2018 and BAW 2018 has enormous benefits to improve the role of professional architects’ organization, to enhance the role of architects’ in national development, and to increase the construction industries in Indonesia. Hopefully, the collaboration between IBT and BAW can be continuously established and improved better and more massively in the coming years.

Mr. Chairul Amal Septono, HDII – Chairman of HDII DKI Jakarta

IndoBuildTech is a special “big mega” exhibition. A place to bring together all parties in Construction, Building, Architecture, Design, Higher Education, Professional Organization and all related aspects. From year to year IndoBuildTech is always better and better. Being part of IndoBuildTech is a great pride, and it is a positive energy to bring optimism in the profession.

Faisal Luthandri, Marketing Manager, Hafele (Germany):

One of the most powerful marketing tools in Indonesia is meeting customers face to face at an exhibition. Indobuildtech is the biggest exhibition in Indonesia, it is a bridge connecting us to our direct customers, suppliers and partners.

Felicia Thenardy, Strategic Marketing Specialist, Honeywell (USA):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is one of the most important exhibitions that we attend, the market here is growing rapidly and with the improvement of government regulations, more and more investors are being attracted to the market.


Slamet Sudijono, Head ofMarketing Brand & Communication (CIMB NIAGA):
“This is CIMB Niaga’s very first involvement on Indobuildtech 2017 as a platform to support national economy in which one of the sectors is building material industry. Through this event, we think that we have contributed on supply chain systems for small medium enterprise, commercial and corporate clients. We have an aspiration to be a leading bank that showcases one stop financial solution for customers with local and ASEAN regional network, capable infrastructure, the best services, and of course, innovative products offering. I think the event went very well with a great success. Congratulations!”


Welly Santoso, Director, Sales and Distribution, Platinum Ceramics (Indonesia):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is one of the most famous exhibitions in the Indonesian market. We attend the event to give more opportunity to our customers to view our products. The ceramics market in Indonesia is still growing but has the potential to be very big.

Wulani Wihardjono MBA, CFO of PT Tatalogam Lestari (Indonesia)

“ We have joined Indobuildtech for 15 times or since the first edition and we are growing together with Indobuildtech. We started with a small booth and now have grown together in a bigger booth. We take the opportunities here to introduce and show off our products because every year we launch new products.”

Marcello Peretti, General Manager of Gruppo Tosco Marmi (Italy)

“ This is our first time of participation at Indobuildtech that allows us to understand the market in Indonesia. I think, in general Indobuildtech is the right way to explore the market needs. We want to come again to Indonesia to visit our customers.”

Eddy Vloeberghen, Sales Director Asia of Soudal Nv (Belgium)

“ We are here for the first time to explore the building industry market and do the follow-up. At the same time we find out the right platform to develop our business in Indonesia.”


Ricky Gunawan, Sales Supervisor, Wavin (Holland):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is a good platform to launch new products and technologies. We have always taken part here as it is the biggest building materials exhibition in Indonesia.

Andre Harianto, Marketing Department, TOTO (Japan):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is the biggest building & interiors event in Indonesia, every person who works in the building materials industry in Indonesia will know this exhibition.


Riky Tanady, Senior Executive, Panasonic (Japan):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is the biggest exhibition in the building materials market and is very well known in Indonesia. We are here presenting our lighting products and have had a lot of designers and architects to our stand. We come here to increase brand awareness.


Shirley Wasito, Marketing Department, Sika (Switzerland):

We have been participating at Indobuildtech Jakarta for a long time.  This is the biggest building material expo, for the building business it has a good reputation in the market, people come here to find new technologies and new products.


Josephine M. Soetanto, Marketing Manager, Sika (Switzerland):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is the event that we never miss. This is an excellent event and well organized building material exhibition. We can see from the increasing number of exhibitors from the previous series.


Subun, Metric (Indonesia):

We get many benefits from exhibiting in Indobuildtech. The greatest benefit that we had is the opportunity for exposing our product to the visitors of this event, especially for those whom never knew it previously.


Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Tono Suratman, Chairman, National Sports Committee of Indonesia (Indonesia):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is the first strategic exhibition which I have participated on. The substantial coverage of this event allows one to network with the major players and experts of the building materials industry.


Executive Board of IAI Banten (Indonesia)

“The organizing of Indobuildtech 2017 represents the support commitment to architect profession advancements in the Banten region for more active roleplay in the national and regional development specifically in term of construction service sector. Through a good collaboration, IAI Banten takes opportunities for enhancing members’ professionalism and external consolidation of various human resources for architectural development in Banten region. At Indobuildtech 2017 we launched Banten ArchWeek 2017 with an extensive activities of professional training and archipreneurship sessions, architectural work display, and building material technology update discussion. With such extensive benefits, we are expecting Indobuildtech be organized consistently and continuously with further improvement in quality and quantity terms”

Indonesian Siciety of interior Designer, HDII (Indonesia): 
“The IndoBuildTech 2017 edition was just over, leaving so many benefits for us at HDII DKI Jakarta. Our mission and vision of “Link & Match” was really an extraordinary happening. Our seminar program “Office Lifestyle” was highly successful, attended by professionals, academicians, industry and government officials. Total attendants outnumbered by 45% higher than the seats provided. We also occupied a spacious room that enable us to adequately deliver public service concerning HDII DKI Jakarta. Compared to the whole event of IndoBuildTech 2017, our activity is just one among myriad spots or organizational activities, but
we can make it a successful spot in support of IndoBuidTech 2017. We thank so much to the whole teams of DEBINDO.”


Cindy, Visitor (Indonesia):

This is the first time that I visit Indobuildtech Jakarta. During my visit, I have learned this exhibition provides excellent references for sourcing the latest products related to your housing and interior furnishing needs.

Afila, Interior Designer, Visitor (Indonesia):

Indobuildtech Jakarta provides the most comprehensive selection of building and interior finishing materials than any particular exhibition.


Tami, Architect, Visitor (Indonesia):

The reason we came to Indobuildtech Jakarta, because we are interested to source the latest release of utility tools, sanitary and façade products. Furthermore, this exhibition also provide the complete selection of building material products.

Caroline, Architect, Visitor (Indonesia):

Indobuildtech Jakarta is an excellent building material exhibition which provide a complete reference for the latest building material and interior finishing products for our future building project.