IndoBuildTech Development Forum Series IV – Healthy Home Environment for Productive Future

Work from Home (WFH) and School From Home (SFH) are still a substitute for face-to-face activities during the Covid-19 pandemic. This condition has also changed the trend of needs and lifestyles of many people to become more and more concerned about health. Healthy indoor and outdoor conditions and an attractive appearance are important things to provide a sense of security and comfort to remain productive in the new normal era.


Millennials are proven to be very concerned about healthy homes and this has a positive impact on families and communities. The use of social media is one of the ways used by the millennial generation to influence the healthy home trend. Not only implementing strict health protocols, healthy housing is also a new concern for many people with healthy home designs. Property developers are also increasingly concerned and promoting a variety of healthy property products with a beautiful environment and good air circulation, which is considered a new solution for the primary needs of the community in the midst of a pandemic like today.


This forum will thoroughly discuss trends in the need for healthier residential and commercial properties as part of the impact of the pandemic on customer behavior. Healthy homes are the solution to the need for safe, healthy and productive activities at home. Specifically, the construction of a healthy house requires innovation of air circulation and quality, ventilation, sanitation, flooring and roofing as well as structures that meet healthy and artistic criteria. From a macro-industry perspective, the healthy home trend is driving the growth of the property business, architectural services and design consultants, contractors and providers of building material products.

The Market Overview of  Healthy Homes

In developing and establishing a healthy home and environment, most of the consumer shares common priority concerns for each room of their homes. And by implicating the statistics below, they will be prioritizing the most used room in their daily life to be improved in terms of

The consumers also share common aspects of the healthiness of each part of their home & environment. And by Implicating the statistics below, the consumer segment of each health aspect will be more actively search for their needs accordingly.

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Show Name IndoBuildTech Development Forum Series IV – Healthy Home Environment for Productive Future
Date 23 September 2021
Opening Hours 13.15 – 16.00 WIB
Platform Zoom Meeting

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