Debindo ITE proudly supports the Provincial Conference of the Indonesian Architects Association (Musprov IAI) Jakarta in the Chair Election event which will be held to coincide with the accomplishment of IndoBuildTech Expo 2021.

As a form of our commitment to presenting quality and segment-appropriate visitors, this event can be a means for your company to get exhibition visitors with the right profile, such as professionals in the architectural field, and open up opportunities for wider promotional activities and increase transactions.

This collaboration is a form of participation from IndoBuildTech Expo 2021 and Musprov IAI Jakarta which not only presents exhibition activities but also participates in accelerating national economic recovery (PEN) and revitalizing the building material and interior sector.

Musyawarah Provinsi Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia DKI Jakarta 2021:


“Guiding, improving, protecting, and developing the profession of architect and architectural activities, in the context of realizing the welfare of the soul and body of the community throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia and the world community, and in accordance with the nature of humanity, and for the sake of responsibility to God Almighty, mankind, nation and the state, as well as the profession” The sentence above is the goal of the IAI organization (Indonesian Architects Association), and as we can see, that the main goal of our profession is “to socialize”, but this is often forgotten by architects. Carrying out the profession in a professional manner, it is not yet complete, if we have not been in a society in accordance with the objectives of IAI as stated in the Articles of Association. , and now is the time for us, the new generation, to always try to make our profession more social, and accepted by the community. After all, we are here because of them and are there for them.

Therefore, it is very appropriate if we make the theme of ‘community’ in MUSPROV XIII, as a reminder of our main goal in the association of organizations that we are proud of together.